Daily habits lay the foundation for short- and long-term success with our health, wealth, and happiness, so it’s critical to carefully examine our repetitive behaviors and thought patterns. They’re either moving you closer to your goals or further away from them.

I’ll admit that breaking old habits and forming new, beneficial ones isn’t easy. But one way to create more financial success is to begin layering simple micro habits into your routine that require minimal effort and motivation to complete.

You already have many tiny daily habits, such as brushing your teeth or taking vitamins. Any small step that allows you to stop a negative habit or start a positive one is a micro habit.

They take up little time, but can build up to huge, significant results when you make them part of your routine.

7 Micro Habits That Create Financial Success

  1. Listening to 15 minutes of audio.
  2. Reading one page of a book.
  3. Going to bed 30 minutes earlier.
  4. Buying quality instead of quantity.
  5. Setting a spending waiting period.
  6. Automating your savings.
  7. Saying “no” more often.

Here’s how to use these seven micro habits to create more professional and personal financial success.   

1. Listening to 15 minutes of audio.

Everyone has 15 minutes of daily downtime, such as when you get dressed, shave, put on makeup, fold clothes, take a lunch break, or commute. That’s the perfect opportunity to listen to a great podcast or audiobook that improves your life.

No matter if you’re an employee or have a business or side gig, find audio content about your industry so you can stay up-to-date. Or seek topics like customer service, e-commerce, or marketing to find more customers and serve clients at a higher level. Choose anything you want to start doing better and find expert content that moves you forward with information and motivation.

When you surround yourself with positive information, it’s easier to stay informed and inspired. You never know where the information may take you.

The beauty of podcasts and audiobooks is that you can consume portions when you have small windows of time and then pick up where you left off. Start by listening to something new that interests you for just 15 minutes and see how you can incorporate it into your day on a regular basis.

When you surround yourself with positive…

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