I am kind of broke at the moment as I delve into school commitments.

Can I share my stuff here ? It's daunting to tackle it alone and talking / hearing /getting comments can help me maintain prespective into healthy financial life

It makes me anxious to look at my bank accounts and do all the healthy things like check on budget, spending, and address late charges or something. I feel so bad and that's why I avoid it and it leads to more anxiety down the road. Sometimes I'll buy some food from my card but it will be accompained by the feeling of discomfort—if I got pass and on top of finances this will go away.

What do you to make sure you look at bills especially when you are low on income (so even more the reason to do so..)? There was some chat here about doing excel as mint.com etc is too passive…

Mind you, I don't eat out, haven't shopped for new clothes or anything in months, no drinks ,no make up nothing expensive…


1 ) Closed by chase bank account and got into online $0 maintance account . No more anxiety provoking $12 fees for not having direct deposit or when my balance dropped below the required amount

2) Closed my southwest airline card that costs $70 a year. Yes it's not great to close a CC but I didn't like the annual fee that was a stretch this time.


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