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I've recently come to inherit quite a sum of money (~150k Euro) that has shown up on my bank account recently. I'm now in the luxurious position to decide what would be best to do with the money. About myself: I'm (30M) currently finishing a PhD in physics and may or may not stay in academia after finishing. It's unclear whether I will have to move to a new town for the next step.

So far, I've been considering a number of options on what to do and what conditions came along with it:

Real estate: I live in a large city in Germany where real estate is already on the rise, but I could still afford to buy one or – by taking a loan – two nice flats in decent areas. Limitations here would be: I don't want to be one of those landlords pushing the rent to the maximum possible. Purchasing prices are ~3.500€/m2, the rent prices are about 9€/m2. Obviously, this depends a bit on flat in question. Also, if you sell a flat within 10 years after purchase, German law will impose heavy taxes on such transactions to penaltize real estate speculations. Also, as written above, I don't know where I will be in 10 years from now.

Financial investment : I've also considered bringing my money to a bank to have it parked in investment funds, ETFs or whatever. I'm not sure what interest rates would be reasonable to expect. Limitations: I would like to invest my money steering clear of investing in companies that are doing military/fossile fuel/food speculations. If this reduces interest rates a little, fine for me.

Stock market: No idea. I would like to park the money somewhere where it more or less takes care of itself without too much supervision.

Thanks in advance for any advice, tipps or warnings 🙂

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