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12.17pm BST

BBC News has just broadcast a clip of Boris Johnson responding to a question about whether he squeezed Charlotte Edwardes’ thigh at a Spectator lunch 20 years ago with a long and rambling reply about his plans to improve bus services.

12.12pm BST

In an interview with ITV’s Joe Pike, Boris Johnson refused to apologise for his comment about money spent on historic child abuse investigations being “spaffed up a wall”. Johnson said that it was “very, very important” that historic child abuse was investigated, in places like Rotherham. But he said his comment referred to other cases where allegations were unfounded, such as those raised by the man known as “Nick”.

WATCH: I spoke to @BorisJohnson about his controversial use of language and claims he finds it difficult to say sorry.

He refused to apologise for his comments to @LBC that:
Millions of pounds of police funds was ‘spaffed up the wall’ investigating historic child abuse.


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