Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Boris Johnson’s statement to MPs about his Brexit plan for a replacement to the backstop

12.15pm BST

Damian Green, the former work and pensions secretary, asked Johnson to give an assurance that his plans would not require the construction of any new customs infrastructure, at the border or anywhere else.

Johnson said that there would be no new infrastructure at or near the border – or in any other place. He told Green:

I can tell him that, absolutely not. The proposals we are putting forward do not involve physical infrastructure at or near the border – or indeed at any other place.

Physical checks – which would continue to be required only on a very small proportion of movements based on risk assessment – could then take place at traders’ premises or other designated locations which could be located anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

12.06pm BST

Ian Blackford, the SNP leader at Westminster, told Johnson his plans were unworkable, unacceptable and undeliverable. He said that if the Northern Ireland assembly could have a veto on the Brexit plans, Scotland should get one too. Scotland did not vote for Brexit, he said. And he said that, if Johnson could not promise to obey the Benn Act, he should resign.

Repeating what he said to Corbyn, Johnson said he was disappointed by Blackford’s replay.

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