Question about employee share plans: one of the directors of the company where I work is leaving to start another project and is selling 95% of his shares. The remaining director has invited employees to purchase them before opening them to outside investors.

I’ve looked for advice online about investing in employee share plans but most of it concerns shares that are listed on the stock market, which is not the case for this company. So if I buy shares and then want to resell them I would have to sell them back to other shareholders or to the company (from what I can tell, the directory is committing to buy back any shares that investors want to sell in the future, at the value determined by an independent appraiser).

So if appears that the benefits of owning shares would not be so much from being able to resell them, but rather from collecting yearly dividends and having representation on the board of directors. Is it worth it to invest?

FYI This would be my first investment (I only recently started working) but of course I’m not planning to put all my eggs in this basket – up til now my savings have been dedicated to creating an emergency fund and I’m planning to open an investment account for retirement at some point down the road.

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