Looking for recommendations on mutual funds to invest ~$11,000 yearly. My brokerage account is with Fidelity. I don't have much experience with investing and not looking to spend a lot of time managing it. I would like to set it and forget it (besides the required house keeping from time to time) that's why I'd like to put it into mutual funds (maybe?)


  • 30 y/o
  • Net income: ~$82,000
  • Emergency fund already established: $20,000+ in high yield savings account.

I'm currently following the 50/30/20 budget rule.

  • Expenses: ~$40,000 (~50%) Mortgage, utilities, insurances, car loans, groceries…etc.
  • ~30% goes to "wants/fun": dinning out, vacation, hobbies…etc
  • My job doesn't offer a 401k or comparable retirement plan, however, for the last 4 years I've maxed out my Roth IRA account with Fidelity. My contributions go into a target date index mutual fund.
  • After the $6,000 into the Roth I still have about $11,000 to invest to reach that 20% savings goal.

I know to be diverse I should spread it out throughout a few funds. Looking for any advice anyone would like to offer. Thanks!

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