Protesters are set to bring central London to a standstill in the beginning of a two-week environmental protest by Extinction Rebellion. The group says it will shut down 11 locations around Westminster, causing travel delays and the shutdown of government departments. Although the protest was not meant to begin until 10am, police have already begun to form lines in the capital, and have been filmed cutting one protester out of a car. Demonstrators locked themselves into a model of a Trident missile outside the Ministry of Defence. Copy of the Trident missile is parked in front of the Ministry of Defence Credit: PETER NICHOLLS/REUTERS A protester against Trident is removed by police Credit: John Keeble/Getty This month's protest will be five times bigger than April's demonstrations, which caused chaos across the capital. The targeted locations include Westminster and Lambeth bridges, various government departments and Trafalgar Square. Extinction Rebellion has said it plans to minimise disruption to ordinary Londoners, but admitted yesterday that the protests could disrupt emergency workers at St Thomas’s hospital, which sits on the opposite bank of the Thames from the Houses of Parliament. Extinction Rebellion's planned shutdown of Westminster  The demonstration will begin at 10am today, with protesters travelling from Hyde Park, where many of them have camped overnight. The Metropolitan Police have described the protests as “unprecedented” in their scale and length and warned that they will arrest those breaking the law. On Saturday, officers broke into a London warehouse containing sound systems and other equipment and arrested members of the group. Police are cutting Extinction Rebellion protesters out of a car that’s parked in the middle of the road outside the Department of Defence. I’m told there have been around least a dozen arrests here already.— Rachael Venables (@rachaelvenables) October 7, 2019 More than a thousand people attended an Extinction Rebellion "opening ceremony" at Marble Arch on Sunday evening, featuring meditation and dancing as "inspiration" prior to the protests. Groups of artists held a procession around Marble Arch as the protesters were told to "surround" the upcoming demonstrations with love. Sunday's protest was policed by two vans of officers who were stationed by Marble Arch, a small distance from the main protesters. XR protests around the world Demonstrations will take place simultaneously around the world, beginning early on Monday morning in Berlin, where protesters staged a sit-in around the Brandenburg Gate. Protesters in Berlin on Monday morning Credit: CLEMENS BILAN/EPA-EFE/REX The protests began early in Australia and New Zealand, where the group's members blocked city streets and waved banners. Demonstrators in Melbourne, Australia Credit: AFP/ASANKA BRENDON RATNAYAKE  In Amsterdam, protesters blocked a bridge with a human barricade. Protesters block a bridge to mark the beginning of the Extinction Rebellion protests in Amsterdam Credit: ROMY FERNANDEZ/AFP Why is Extinction Rebellion protesting? Extinction Rebellion says governments are running out of time to take action on climate change. The group points to successive warnings issued by the United Nations and climate scientists that suggest there may be just several years or less to make political decisions about carbon  Extinction Rebellion said it could hear "history calling to us from the future". "We catch glimpses of a new world of love, respect and regeneration, where we have restored the intricate web of all life," it said in a statement. "It’s a future that’s inside us all, and so we rise in the name of truth and withdraw our consent for ecocide, oppression and patriarchy. We rise up for a world where power is shared for regeneration, repair and reconciliation. We rise for love in its ultimate wisdom."

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