I'm a 21 year old woman married to a 25 year old man, we have been married for eight months. I am a current graduate student for library science and he is in the Navy. I am reliant on a private loan with 5% APR, and anticipate to have taken out $35,000 in loans by the time I graduate with my MLIS.

Otherwise, neither I nor my husband have any debt. No credit card debt and his car is paid off (we share it since we live close to both my school and base). He has a little over $2,000 in savings, and I honestly have nothing. I haven't worked since March, where I held a position at my undergrad university. I am currently seeking work, at least part-time, but I haven't heard back from any takers yet. My husband is planning on finishing the two years of college he has left, but that will be covered by the GI bill.

Our goals for the future include buying a house within five years of him leaving the military and starting a family within that time frame. He will be out of the Navy in the spring of 2022. I was wondering if I could get tips here on what I personally should start doing to help make our goals a reality. He saves about $100-200 from each paycheck for his contribution. I know this is probably vague, but I am not sure where to start at all.

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