She’s been in some of the biggest blockbusters of recent years, yet has somehow always remained below the radar. But that’s all about to change. Alex Moshakis meets the star of the new Stephen King film, Doctor Sleep

Rebecca Ferguson is almost entirely convinced the following ordeal is indicative of her true character, her deep down self, but she struggles with how.

The story goes like this. Not long ago, Ferguson happened to see a woman collapse unconscious, and then she watched panic spread across the face of the woman’s husband and ripple on to the faces of the people around him. Though it was not her place, because she is a big-time Hollywood actor and is in no way a medical professional, she waded into the formed crowd, located the woman’s pulse (which she could not properly count) and began barking instructions. A stranger suggested water for the fallen woman, but Ferguson shouted, “No! Orange juice!” a tip she’d picked up watching ER. When the crowd edged closer, Ferguson yelled, “Some space, please!” The instructions tumbled out of her mouth before she could think to recover them, one after the other, an apparently natural act, until the woman came to and the crowd broke apart. As Ferguson walked away, someone asked, “Are you a nurse?” And she was forced to say no, she was an actor, that her actions had been formed in make-believe, a revelation she admits could have gone either way.

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