Acting chief of staff acknowledged delay in Ukraine aid was due to Trump’s demand for an investigation but then later denied the claim

8.17pm BST

Trump’s re-election campaign is standing by Mick Mulvaney’s quid pro quo admission, so much so that it is now selling t-shirts with a quote from the acting White House chief of staff: “Get over it.”

Inbox: Trump campaign is selling “GET OVER IT” T-shirts.

7.56pm BST

Joe Biden has just rolled out 51 new endorsements from current and former lawmakers in Massachusetts, the home state of fellow Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Biden’s campaign manager said in a statement announcing the endorsements: “The Bay Staters who’ve joined with us today are ready for that fight, and know that Joe Biden can unite the country across party lines to defeat Donald Trump.”

Biden has deep ties to Massachusetts — many of these people endorsed Biden in the 2007-08 primary.

Do endorsements from party insiders matter anymore (save for rare exceptions like a Barack Obama)?

Among 2020 Dems, Biden keeps racking up endorsements, Warren lags far behind yet has caught up to him in polls.

“Party Decides” theory took a savage beating in the ’16 GOP race.

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