I've been struggling with an ongoing medical issue for the past 10 years that has caused me to acrue some serious debt. My medical treatments have finally started paying off so I'm working again and want to get my finances in order, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and thought I should get some advice.

Although I'm 26, I'm pretty financially illiterate because of my upbringing and the fact that I've been constantly in-and-out of hospitals for the past 10 years (12 hospitalizations).

I've been living at home with family (in Canada) so I don't have any real expenses besides paying for medication and regular doctor's appointments (which I can essentially pay altogether twice a year), but know I need to start saving for retirement and paying off my debt. How should I split whatever money I make? What kinds of accounts should I look at opening for each? I know I should have an RRSP/RSP for my retirement fund, but am unsure about savings accounts for my medical expenses and debt. Should I open a tax-free savings account or just open the highest interest savings account I can find? Or are there accounts that are both tax-free and high interest?

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