Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate as dry, windy conditions fuel fires across the state

2.04am BST

California governor Gavin Newsom today pledged $75 m to help communities prepare for future blackouts and wildfires.

The grant funding can be used to purchase generators and generator connections, fuel storage or backup energy sources or to improve critical infrastructure. Partly because of climate change, both wildfires and blackouts are widely expected to recur, and the one-time $75 mn in funds could help communities offset costs as they prepare for future disruptions.

Decades of greed and mismanagement by PG&E have led us to this moment. Californians are infuriated — I am too.

We just a launched $75 million fund to help communities across our state dealing with these power shutoffs.

12.56am BST

California isn’t suffering alone. Parts of Baja Calfornia, just across the border from San Diego, are ablaze, fanned by the same wind event fueling fires in southern California.

Mexico Daily News reported that in the last 48 hours, firefighters have responded to more than 100 fires in Tijuana alone, 19 of them forest fires, and three of them categorized as major.

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