I feel like there are a billion posts like this, but I need a new perspective, so here goes.


I currently make $80k at my job with amazing benefits (lots of vacation, retirement match, no copay on health insurance). But…I hate it. I dread coming in to work. It’s just the pits.

Additionally, I just bought my first house, a huge, beautiful fixer-upper. Mortgage/taxes/insurance will end up being $1,300/month. I also just took out $20k in 0% 2-yr financing to pay for HVAC installation. So it’ll be $900 a month starting in January. I have enough saved up that I could pay for the first couple months out of pocket, but I am rushing to fix up the 3rd floor to get a tenant in to cover those payments and pad my finances a bit (I think I could get at least $1,000 a month out of the unit, hoping to get $1,200).

Now here’s the question. I have been casually applying for new jobs this year, and just got offered an amazing new opportunity. Exactly where I want to be moving in my career, exciting new responsibilities and prestige. I really clicked with the team I’d be working with too. But, it’s at a nonprofit and their initial offer was $60k…$20k below what I make now. I told them how much I was making now and they bumped it up to $70k, saying it was the best they could do, but that salaries increase by at least 3% each year and we receive Xmas bonuses of 3-5%.

I’m so tempted to take the job, but I am fucking terrified of taking this cut when my finances are so precarious. My question is – is my career happiness worth the added financial stress, and is there anything I can do with my situation to make the cut not hit me so hard? Is it dumb to try and still negotiate higher after they say “it’s the best we can do?”

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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