My Paypal was recently permanently suspended randomly and without reason. I sell digital products for the popular game Minecraft. My Paypal account was locked immediately when my balance hit $50,000 (Yes I know it's dumb to keep this much in my balance but it came in quick.) They claim I will be able to withdraw the funds in 6 months (February).

This account was a business account around 5 years old under my Mom's SSN / Information. I don't want to use my own SSN because I'm scared of getting banned again and don't want to ruin my name with Paypal at 19 years old. It's been hard watching my business which was making around $5,000 a day become $0 a day. I've tried using stripe and bitcoin but most Minecraft consumers use paypal. I am left with these options going forward (I think):

  1. Use someone else's SSN and make a new paypal (Potential fraud)
  2. Try using my own SSN and risk getting a ban for life
  3. Use my moms SSN again and just close the account before I reach the $15,000 (Also potential fraud)

I am honestly lost at this point and am making a desperate attempt to find advice online. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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