Hi PF, I'm a longtime lurker, and I hoped I'd never need more help than the wiki, but here I am today. I'm not sure if this should be here or over at /r/legaladvice, but since it concerns finances and taxes, I thought you guys could help me understand a bit better. I'm in California, by the way.

As the title states, I have recently been hired as an independent contractor. This is basically a help desk tech support position that is full time (however I have been tasked to assist in a variety of other areas including shipping, creative/social media, and janitorial work). Today was my first pay day and that's when the pieces started to come together. I'm paid $12 an hour (the minimum wage in my area is $11, but now I see that doesn't matter because I'm an IC), and I received that full amount untaxed (obvious now, but not earlier today).

I've been doing some research since I got home and I'm really confused now. It seems that I've been misclassified so that the business can save on taxes, and now apparently I'm responsible for both the business' end of the taxes and my own, but neither have been taken out of the paycheck. So I'm on the hook for that come the end of the year unless something changes. I have very little idea the percentage I can expect to be taken away from me, but I've figured out that I'm actually making significantly less than it appears.

I was reading through California's Department of Industrial Relations as they have some information about IC vs. employee status (link here), and it seems pretty clear to me that I've been misclassified as an IC, but I can go into specifics upon request.

I'm confused about where I should go from here. Can I make a wage claim? Should I yet if I am going to continue working there? Should I talk to them about it? I already tried to negotiate my pay when I was hired but I got stonewalled hard, so I'm not really sure there's anything I can do on this front. There's no HR at the company to my knowledge.

Any help, wake up calls, or further resources to point me towards would be great. I know it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but I feel overwhelmed in reading about all this tax law that I didn't know was applicable to me at all until today. I thought I was fluent in all this kind of stuff, but now I feel like I'm getting scammed and I don't like it.
Thanks in advance, I appreciate anyone that takes the time to help with my situation.

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