Good evening fellow redditors, as the title states I'm currently $40,000 in debt, between credit cards, personal loans, and auto loan. I'm working full-time, and have a Veterans benefit payment. My wife stays at home to care for our 3 children.

Between working full time and and va benefit we receive roughly 4k a month after taxes. We've setup a fairly moderate budget cutting wherever we can.

Rent is 1215 for an affordable housing situation.

Our Grocery budget is 700 for the month for a family of 5

Utilities, phone, water, electric, gas, sewer etc- 800

Gas for my car (i live in ca 4$ a gallon) is 160$ a month to commute to work and doctors appointments etc

Personal loan is out for 300$ a month – remaining balance is 3.2k

Auto-loan out for 360$ a month – remaining balance is 15k

Credit card balances are 11k – 386$ a month, 3k, 83$ a month, 2.5k 76$ a month, 6k 287$ a month.

Our income is 4k – 4.2k depending on hours available.

Our outgoing is is about 4.3-4.5k depending on energy

So, aside from trying to get another side hustle, what are some ways I can conquer this. I'm an 80% disabled air force vet. I've got a bachelor's degree in kinesiology. My wife has always stayed at home to watch after our kids who are 8, 4, 2. The 8yo goes to public school. I've tried to sell the car, but the bank wont release the title because we are upside-down. The car is worth 8k, we have 15k on the loan. We can't afford to finance the other 7k on an unsecured loan. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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