I am a full time college student. I am currently working the front desk at a motel. I picked the job up about 8 months before I started school with an understanding that I would only be working one day a week once school started. The job is minimum wage and i pretty much get payed to sit around and watch movies and do nothing, especially this time of year. It's a sweet job and I don't really have any complaints about it. The issue is that I would be getting quite a bit more financial help if I were to be on unemployment. I spoke to my financial aid specialist, who informed me that the school provided a grant for $2500 a quarter for students on unemployment. She also told me that another grant that I currently get would also go up about $600 per quarter. Before school started, I was working about 36 hours a week, and now I work only 9 hours per week. I would most likely receive more money per week on unemployment than I currently do with an additional $3100 per quarter. I have 4 quarters left in my program. I spoke to my manager and asked him if they would lay me off after explaining my situation. He informed me that the owners of the motel will not so this because of some sort of tax that would increase related to unemployed employees. I dont really understand how it works, but basically they would have to pay more in taxes I'd they were to lay me off. I don't believe in "intentionally" getting fired. It just feels wrong, and I am not that type of person. They have been pretty good to me and I appreciate it.

I dont even really know what my question is. Just looking for advice or tips. Is there anything I can orbshouls do?

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