Hello all!

I'm an South African and my wife and I are attempting to immigrate to Luxembourg next year, and I'm expecting an offer soon from an Aerospace Company. I've never been in Luxembourg, and is uncertain about salary expectations and if it will be able to support both me and my wife.

As for salary, I'm applying for an Electronic Design Engineer at an Aerospace company. I have 4 years experience in this field, of which two is a masters degree. I expect the salary they offer to be between €4000 and €5000 based on conversations with people and a bit of googling, but could not find a reliable source. I expect the tax I will pay on that figure to be between 30% and 40%, which will leave about €2500 as a rough worst case.

This salary will have to support most of our living. My wife is a South African High School teacher with 2 years experience teaching Cambridge Biology. Her degree does not tranfer well to Luxembourg. So she will probably have a smaller job with lower salary, which means we will mostly rely on my salary.

As for housing, the company seems to be just outside the city center. I plan to live outside the city to save on housing costs, and expect to pay around €1000 or €1500. We are okay with a smallish apartment.

This leaves around €1000 or €1500 for living expenses and for savings. This seems low, but I do not have a good frame of reference.

So my guestions are mainly: – Is my expectation on between €4000 and €5000 realistic? Can someone possibly give me more accurate figure? – Will the public transport be enough to move easy within 5km of the city center? – Will €2500 support a comfortable living of two people in Luxembourg? If not, how much should be enough? This is a tough guestion, but any input will be appreciated. – Are there other options for my teacher wife? Subbing for example? Or private schools?

Thanks for your help!

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