Hi everyone,

This week for the /r/StockMarket Discord live chat we'll be live streaming how traders and investors can use automated tools to perform speedy fundamental analysis on publicly traded companies. This is 100% FREE and open to everyone!

In this chat we'll discuss:

  • Quickly analyzing financial statements (income statements, balance sheets, cashflow statements, etc)

  • How to quickly identify accounting red flags

  • How to quickly find the causes of significant fundamental changes which are sometimes buried, sometimes intentionally hidden in SEC filings

  • How to quickly identify potential earnings manipulation and accounting tricks

The goal of this chat is to help viewers see how they can speed up their research process through the strategic use of automated tools which can let us quickly decide whether an investment is worth pursuing further, before we waste days/weeks researching it only to find out it wasn't worth our time.

Bring your potential investment ideas and stock market questions and let's dig into them and see what we can find.

Hope to see everyone there!

Time: Wed, 12/4/2019, 7PM ET

Place: /r/StockMarket Discord, #live_chat channel

Twitch Stream: Direct Link, or #twitch_stream channel

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