I'll try and keep it simple without leaving anything important out. I am basically just looking for a nudge in the right direction. Appreciate your help.

Age: 31
Status: Single
Income: $40k annually pre-tax (Note: I may be switching jobs soon)
Emergency Fund: $10k
Savings: $10k
Checking: $2500
Housing: Renting ($325 monthly)
Vehicle: 2005 Audi A4
Debt: None
Investments/Retirement: None

So there's the snapshot. I'll go into a bit more detail for those who want to read. I just went through Dave Ramsey's FPU and have just become very interested in working toward becoming afluent. Yes I know this isn't gonna happen quickly. After reading the millionaire next door, I've become even more interested and as someone in my situation, I feel I've got a decent chance if I make a consistent effort toward it.I'll answer some questions in advance I'm sure will be asked.

Why no retirement? Honestly, I have no good excuse. Just never thought about it. Current employer is actually changing their 401k and I plan on enrolling up to what they match (I think 3%) asap.

What do you do/What are you going to do? I am a delivery driver for a construction company but am joining an electrical apprenticeship to have a much higher pay ceiling.

Are you going to get married?- Well, I'd like to but so far I'm not having much luck.

I'm guessing I should either save for a house down payment or open a roth ira just by what I've researched but appreciate your all's help!

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