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My girlfriend has been on the hunt for a new job and recently got an offer for an hourly position in recruiting/talent acquisition. During her interviews they stated what the annual salary was, which she was perfectly fine with. She received her offer letter today and when she read it, she was surprised to find that the annual salary they offered her was based on a 45-hour work week as opposed to a traditional 40-hour work week, meaning she would have to do 1 hour of OT per day (assuming a 5-day work week) in order to earn the annual salary offered. In my rough calculations, she'd earn about 15% less annually than what was quoted if she were to theoretically only work a 40-hour work week.

Neither of us have ever seen annual salary calculated/quoted this way before in previous job offers, but I wanted to check with you wise folks to see if this is something that happens frequently or not. To be clear, she understands that it's common to have to work OT in most jobs, and we both do quite a bit of OT in our current jobs, but we were both just a little taken aback that it was factored into this salary offer.

The other question I have: she tells me that the hiring manager verbally told her during the interview process what the expected working hours were and that it was only stated to be 8 working hours a day. Obviously the offer letter states otherwise, and it seems silly of me to even ask, but is there anything that she can say/do to "fight back" against this? Or is this just going to be a case of "sorry we told this to you or that you misunderstood us, but here's what it is in writing so take it or leave it?"

Thanks for any insight you guys can provide!

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