In her statement on proceeding with articles of impeachment, Pelosi outlined the allegations against Trump and argued the president abused his power

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4.18pm GMT

The journalist who asked Nancy Pelosi whether Democrats “hate” the president appears to be James Rosen from Sinclair Broadcast Group, which has been criticized for its partisan leanings and close ties to the White House.

Lucia Graves reported on Sinclair’s rise in 2017:

Sinclair’s size, rightwing politics and close connections to Donald Trump’s White House are starting to attract attention. Democrats are wading in to the fray and demanding answers over Sinclair’s close ties to the Trump administration, which, they say, could mean the group is getting preferential treatment.

The New York Times refers to the group as a ‘conservative giant’ that, since the Bush presidency, has used its 173 television stations ‘to advance a mostly right-leaning agenda’. The Washington Post describes it as a ‘company with a long history of favoring conservative causes and candidates on its stations’ newscasts’.

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4.13pm GMT

House speaker Nancy Pelosi was walking away from her podium to end her weekly press conference when a reporter shouted a question about whether Democrats “hate” the president.

Speaker Pelosi says she resents the use of the word hate in a sentence about her and says “don’t mess with me” when it comes to words like that after asked if she hates President Trump

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