Follow events on the last Sunday of the campaign as Boris Johnson refuses to say he’ll stand down should Tories lose

10.26am GMT

Boris Johnson has admitted there will be some customs checks for goods crossing the Irish Sea after Brexit but insisted they would apply only to items destined for the Republic of Ireland.

In an interview on Sky News on Sunday morning, the prime minister promised that “there won’t be checks” despite warnings to the contrary in leaked Treasury documents.

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10.14am GMT

The SNP’s leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has said she is not asking Labour to support the idea of another independence referendum, but to “respect the principle”.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Sturgeon said:

“My message (to the Labour party) would be listen carefully, I’ll never do anything that puts Boris Johnson into Downing Street, but Labour, in order to get a Queen’s speech and a budget through, if they’re in a minority position, need the support of another party.

“And if Scotland votes for the SNP in a hung parliament giving Scotland enormous leverage, then I will exercise that firstly in line with Scotland’s interest.

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