Ok so bit of a weird situation. She had 4 months left on her lease and was about 10k miles over her limit. She went to a dealership to see about leasing a new car. They agreed to buy out the remaining payments on her current car and cover whatever the mileage cost was. She was under the impression they would just purchase the car at lease end and resell it, but who knows.

Anywhooo…the due date for her old lease was the 19th. Payment was shown as due for that day when she checked her account. So she called the bank that the lease was through and they had no record of the dealership taking over the lease or buying it out and her payment was due. She cut a check, fearing a ding on her credit if she let it go. She contacted the dealer after and was essentially given the run around.

I don't believe she has anything in writing as far as them making the remaining payments or any of that and the only record of her not having the car anymore is that the registration is no longer in her name and her insurance company switched her plan to her new car.

What should her next step be? What recourse does she have? Is she stuck making payments and covering the miles she was over?

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