So I'll have some money that I really want to make count, but also, I want to start a savings. Some important things going on in my life right now are that I don't drive and am close to helping a family member finance a house. Total in bank will be about 10k in a month or 2 and I'll be collecting money from the suit in payments, so no idea yet what that will be added monthly. Ideally I want at least 1k or possibly 2k in my bank at all times but I

—Here's my priorities in order (Top = 1st, bottom = last):

($300 max for lessons) —Diver's license—

(Monthly payments of about $150) —Health bills—

($?) —Gun— (I need one, I've had way too many bad experiences in my life. Too many people threatening to kill me to not be prepared.)

(3 or 4k)—The house—

(5 or 6k) —Getting a Car—

($?) My teeth. (My teeth have been very uncomfortable and I think it's time to resolve it.)

What are some good prices for these things though? What kind of payment options on credit or even through sellers should I look into? E.G. I've never owned a car. I've also never bought a gun, nor ever had braces. Looking at it, this is potentially a lot, and I don't want to just spend all the money away nor spend any of it inefficiently. I'm pretty new here.

So I guess I'm asking for general advice from those who have experience with this things as to what the costs are, and perhaps a cheap and minimal way to finance the costs simultaneously without going flat on my savings.

Edit: On another note. How can I invest with this opportunity?

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