Friend (21) works hard but is in an abusive home and the parents take all of Friend’s money. Friend is even made to pay rent, electric, and stepfather’s child support. Mother and stepfather are meth addicts.

ETA: Friend is like my kid. Been looking after them since they were 12.

Partner and I want to help Friend get back on their feet. We have better public transport, education, and work opportunities where we live, about 30 mins away.

Friend’s goal is to get a vehicle, apt, etc. and become self-sufficient. If Friend stays where they are, they will never be able to save up for those things.

Friend pulls in about $2000 net. Here are my ground rules:

  • pay me $50/wk for food/housing
  • pay $5 per back-and-forth trip to work in another town
  • free rides in town
  • 1 load of dishes per day
  • occasional help with odd things as requested
  • save at least $1200 per month
  • keep checkbook balanced at least weekly
  • obtain license and birth certificate/SS card and set up bank account in Jan
  • Find new job in town in Feb with health ins
  • get housing and vehicle in March

Max time Friend would be staying is 3 months.

May consider small extension if legitimate issues come up, e.g. having a hard time getting off work to go to SS office, etc.

Am I missing anything? Any suggestions to make sure this works the way it’s intended to?

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