Hi r/StockMarket!

I just wanted to make this quick announcement in here for any of you who are looking around for the January 2020 stock picking contest thread.

FWIW, I am moving our monthly competitions over to our official Discord Live Chat starting in 2020.

I'm making this move because running the contests here on the sub was getting to be a little cumbersome for me.

Running the contests on the live chat will be much more easier and smoother for me and my schedule in the new year.

So, with that being all said, for those of our regular contest participants, and also for our new arrivals, if you want to participate on the monthly picking contests in the new year, simply join us on our official live chat using this invite link here.

Once you have signed in, simply head down to the #stock_pick_contest channel which is located under the COMPETITIONS section on the channel sidebar to your left.

I have posted the Google Form link right in there to which you guys can submit your monthly stock picks for January 2020.

If for some reason you're having trouble finding the Google Form link in that channel, you can always use this bot command !picksform in the chat and my bot will post for you the link to the form right away.

If you guys should experience any issues with anything let me know this thread so I can take a look at it asap.

Thank you!

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