Hello everyone, I am split on making a couple of decisions for my upcoming annual performance review.

Full-time or Part-time + Weekend

Currently, $80,000 + super pa @ full-time equivalent (38hrs/wk), but I contracted to work as a permanent part-time, 30hrs/week, paid at the same hourly rate as FTE i.e. $40.48/hr + super.

The reason why I agreed to permanent part-time is because I have a second job at a tertiary institution that pays better and more enjoyable than this job on the Wednesday from (9-5), however this will be coming to a wrap soon. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my main job as well, it's just the other is more enjoyable.

No penalty rate for work beyond contracted hours. 1.3 x rate for work on weekends (Sat and Sun). The company stated that these are the rates because my hourly rate is significantly above award rates at my level of experience. I honestly have no issues here but please let me know if I'm being taken advantage of.

Since I started working for this company the workload has increased sharply and this has now brought my regularly work week to 41.33hr/week. Also, due to understaffing across the company they are unable to find additional staff for me and when they do, they are external agents who do half-arsed jobs, where I need to tidy up their mess when I come back.

Currently working 33.33hrs (8-5ish) on the weekdays and 8hrs on the weekend. On rare occasions they send an additional hand to help me out, which will remove my hours on the weekend. I make the tax man very happy when I do too many hours e.g. 49hrs/week, so I prefer keeping it around 40-42.

Should I transition over to permanent full-time contract (38hrs/wk Mon-Fri) or continue with my permanent part-time contract and work the weekends (minimum every other weekend)?

Pay rise

This topic will be brought up during the annual performance review as it does for every employee at this company.

I am thinking of asking for 3% raise as I've heard from other employees that they've been offered 2% then negotiate for 2.5% to match average inflation rate. Am I missing something? Thoughts?

If you ask me why I don't ask for more is because the company recently went through a merger and acquisition and management is trying to get rid of annual pay rises entirely.

Please enlighten me and educate me if I'm missing the point somewhere.

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