When we review 'market software driven' potentials of a share price, the first job is to identify "danger" levels from a Big Picture perspective. On APHA, there's a fairly obvious one at 3.65. Below such a level risks slight reversal to a non threatening 3.34, just below the low of 2018. The major problem, if such a level attained, comes from the big picture secondary calculation as it's at 0.76. Presumably the company would need issue some negative news to drive such a calamity.

We cannot calculate anything below 0.76 and thus, must regard this as "ultimate" bottom.

Now the nasty stuff has been dealt with, there's nothing in immediate movements suggesting such reversal is possible. Instead, it looks like below 4.5 should continue weakness down to 4.16 initially with secondary, if (when) broken at 3.97. We would hope for a bounce, if 3.97 achieved. In fact, if any strength is present, a bounce should occur prior to such a number.

Curiously, the price is already illustrating some interesting potentials for the near term. Now above 4.91 promises to light the path to an initial useless 5.08. This is actually fairly important as above such a target allows travel to 5.5, perhaps even the 6 dollar mark, if driven by positive news flow. Visually, there's a pretty strong suggestion of some hesitation, should the 6 dollar mark make its presence felt. Only with closure above the 6 dollar mark will it require evaluated again for the longer term as some true recovery becomes probable.

Here's a link to the associated chart. Cannot figure out how to upload an image with the text post.


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