Hey everyone,

I have eight years of experience in my field, and have been with the same company for just as long (it was a startup when I joined). I was given the opportunity to get into a somewhat niche job, and it grew into a career over the years.

Last year, I decided I was done with the company for multiple reasons. I had taken on a role which is traditionally IT, while also doing data analysis. It bacame too much to do both as the company grew. I was also dissatisfied with management.

I get a job offer earning 20% more at another company, and I decided to take it. The company I was leaving decided to keep me on for a few months paying my full salary while they hire my replacement in exchange for a few random projects to be completed each week.

Two months into my new gig, my old employer came knocking and offered me a 15% increase over what my new employer was paying, stock, and a very good benefits package. I decided to return to my old employer. My new gig I was now leaving asked me to stay on for a few months and help them get through the rest of the year, doing weekends and nights. I agreed.

Now the company I've been working nights and weekends for has offered me 100k to come back and work for them.

I am currently making 85k at my job, and I have a good career path in IT. I would be changing my career to data analytics if I return to the gig I left my long time company for.

This has all happened within the last five or so months. I would prefer to stay with my current company, but 100k sounds nice.

Edit: I don't have a degree so I am building a career based on experience.

My questions 1. Should I try and negotiate a better salary at my current job? If I decide to stay, is it damaging to tell my boss that I was offered more somewhere else and I declined it? 2. Should I take the offer?

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