For more than a decade, Gisele Bündchen was the world’s highest-paid supermodel. But it hasn’t always been so simple. She talks about anxiety and hitting rock bottom, ethical activism and surviving Twitter storms

In the grand exhibition space of a Shanghai art museum, molecular blobs have been blown up on to giant screens to demonstrate the science element of a very long, very reverent summit on skincare hosted by Dior. The celebrity element is Gisele Bündchen, the face of a new range of creams and serums, who will shortly be on hand to help quantify how 30 years of advanced floral science and stem cell technology can help you look better. Being born looking like one of the most successful models of the century can also help, but no matter.

“Health is becoming the new wealth,” announces Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis, Dior’s scientific communications director, to a room of 150 or so delegates. Gentle electronic music pulsates in a space with a Kubrick-meets-Instagram aesthetic: clinically all white, all bright, accented by pillars of pink peonies. Chic French PRs circle beauty journalists, editors and scientists, while kooky Asian influencers, like kooky influencers everywhere, take aloof but cute selfies.

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