I don't know if I should contact someone. This is third time they called me and I'm getting really fed up. So long story short I couldn't attend school last semester and withdrew at the beginning of the semester. The school still tried to collect the tuition even though I didn't attend classes and couldn't attend this semester due to family medical reasons. Anyway the school told me to file an appeal. After I filed the appeal I spoke to a counselor who informed me that given my circumstances they would most likely recall the debt, but they would have to meet and discuss my case and get back to me I two weeks. Cool, but the debt collector that was assigned my debt has called me multiple times regarding this. The first time I explained to them that I would get a decision and the debt would most likely be recalled in two weeks and to wait then. I have been very nice, open, and honest with these people. They said they would mark it on my account and won't contact me for two weeks. But almost every day they have called my phone despite agreeing on the phone to not call me in two weeks.

I'm wondering if I need to contact someone to report this harassment because I shouldn't be getting calls when I do answer, do talk, and am nice to them and let them know what is going on. Especially given that they agreed to not contact me until after the school makes its final decision. The debt collector was so riddiculess to say, "well why don't you pay it off in the mean time" yeah like I can pay almost 7 grand right now. I'm getting tired of it.

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