Many years ago, before my husband and I started dating, he had a checking account with Bank of America in Massachusetts. He had some money issues that resulted in an overdraft of his account. Because he had bills to pay he made the not-so-smart choice to use his next paycheck to open a new checking account at a local bank. He says he received statements asking him to bring the account current for a little while, but I know he has received nothing about this debt since 2007 when we moved in together.

Yesterday he received a phone call from a company stating that there is a "civil complaint against his social security number" and something about calling to serve a summons. (They also called me and his sister and threatened to show up at his work.)

According to the caller, this is related to this abandoned BoA account. The last activity on the account was in 2006 and the account was officially closed by BoA in July of 2010. The balance at that time was approximately -$400. The caller said they could not provide any more details of the debt and that they could not provide proof of the debt. They stated that we would need to reach out to BoA customer support for more details and could only give us BoA's main number.

We haven't had the chance to try to call BoA customer support yet, but I assume that since they are known for their stellar customer support and since we do not have a current account, this may be a frustrating exercise.

Does anyone have recommendations for next steps and how to proceed? Or can anyone point me to a resource to know what a "civil complaint against a social security number" means?

Edited to add: This debt does not appear on any of his three credit reports as of March 2019.

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