What foods should you never freeze? Welcome to my weekly post where I answer one of your questions you’ve submitted. This week’s question is what foods you can’t or shouldn’t freeze.

Are there foods you can’t or shouldn’t freeze? – a reader

As you likely know, I love using my freezer for all kinds and sorts of things. And I freeze a lot of items like flour, cottage cheese, butter, milk that most people don’t think of being things you can freeze. (Check out my post on 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Freeze.)

But there are some things I don’t recommend you try freezing. Here’s a list of the top 10 things I think you should never freeze:

1. Lettuce

While I’ve frozen spinach to use in smoothies (and it works!), most lettuce will get limp and soggy if frozen, due to the high water content.

2. Blocks of Cheese

You can freeze shredded cheese without a problem, but if you freeze block cheese, it will thaw and be very crumbly.

3. Raw Eggs

I have heard from some people that they successfully freeze raw eggs, but I’ve never had success with doing so. However, I’ve frozen cooked eggs (such as in a Breakfast Casserole) without any issues.

4. Cream Cheese

If you plan to use the cream cheese in baked goods, you should be okay. However, if you plan to spread it on bagels or something, I wouldn’t recommend freezing it as it will end up very crumbly after it’s frozen.

5. Potatoes — Raw or mashed.

You can freeze mashed potatoes, but they are usually water-y if you don’t add cream cheese and/or sour cream to them. And raw potatoes will usually turn a dark color when frozen.

6. Cucumbers

Cucumbers have high water content, so they will be mushy and soggy if frozen.

7. Milk you plan to drink.

You can freeze milk (and I do it often!), but I only recommend using it in baking. It separates and has sort of a lumpy consistency  when thawed — which isn’t very appetizing!

8. Meat that has been frozen and then thawed.

If you freeze meat raw, it needs to be cooked if you are going to re-freeze it. And if meat is already cooked, don’t thaw it and then re-freeze it.

9. Jell-O

Okay, this might seem like a crazy one to put on the list, but we tried freezing Jell-O as an experiment a few weeks ago and it did not work at all. It was all soupy and water-y when thawed!

10. Celery

When thawed, frozen celery will be very limp. However, if it’s diced up in small pieces before frozen, you can use it in a casserole and it will probably be okay. But don’t freeze whole celery stalks with the intent to thaw and snack on them! 🙂

What else would you add to my list? Anything on my list that you’ve had success freezing?

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