I work for a security company that holds accounts nationwide (Securitas), I've been employed by them for two years now. I just turned 26, and as a result was booted from a parents family health insurance plan.

So I inquired about health insurance from my employer, and to my suprise they only offer two plans (bronze and silver) and premiums are $101.67 and $131.85 per pay period (I am paid weekly). To put that into perspective I just got a raise starting this month to $15 an hour, my net pay is ~$470 a week. So this employee sponsored health insurance is 20% of my pay?

I even got in touch with the local branch's human resources employee and he told me that they (Securitas) pay 85% of the premiums for an individual. So if my math is correct the company would be paying ~$550 a week for me alone for health insurance? That seems impossibly high.

With these exorbitant premiums one would think the coverage is miraculous, but it's actaully quite bad. The bronze plan ($101.67 a week) has a $3,000 deductable and after thats met they pay 50% coinsurance, the silver plan ($131.85 a week) has a $1,000 deductible and after thats met they pay 70% coinsurance.

So is it purposely high so no one buys it? This way the company meets the law but barely incurs any expenses from paying premiums? I am genunely at a lose.

I am a non-smoker, male.

A screenshot of my options: https://ibb.co/dp1BTYg

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