Donald Trump’s legal team for the impeachment trial will include Starr, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz and Robert Ray

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5.40pm GMT

Donald Trump started his Friday by attacking Mike Bloomberg, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

I want to debate, but I don’t qualify because I’ve never taken a penny in contributions from anyone.

Not even a “very small loan” of a million dollars.

Trump has even praised Bloomberg’s past positions on gun control on Fox News’s Fox & Friends.

Bloomberg has also thrown Trump some kind words. At the same ribbon-cutting ceremony Bloomberg said: “If there is anybody who has changed this city, it is Donald Trump.” In 2004, Bloomberg appeared on an episode of The Apprentice. Trump at the time said he invited Bloomberg on to the show because he had “great respect for him”.

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5.17pm GMT

Nearly 72 hours after reports emerged about alleged surveillance and threats to the former US ambassador to Ukraine, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo broke his silence about the issue in interviews with conservative radio hosts.

Pompeo said he had an obligation to investigate the claims, but believed they would be proven wrong.

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