Hi all I work as an independent contractor for a company and think I short changed myself in the $$$ department. My 2019 w-9 is a major disappointment

Back in August 2019 I was getting licensed, started my own business, and was looking for a PT job to use my skills. I'm a psychologist who does therapy and evaluation services (formally diagnosing individuals with mental health disorders).

The company I am contracting for was searching for a FT psych but was open to being flexible with me. They never had an ind contractor and struggled to pin point rate of pay. I suggested numbers that I at the time thought were solid, but w/out fully understanding contractor life may have unintentionally lowballed myself. Not having benefits like PTO and health insurance are big.

I in many ways enable this company to grow, primarily due to my diagnoses (as applicable) allowing individuals to receive other MH services through their insurance. I definitely make them $ too , as they likely make 30-40$ of profit per each billable hour I perform – not counting profit from subsequent services.

I like this job and it allows me the flexibility to grow my own practice in the meantime. Would it be best to 1. Demonstrate patience, revisit compensation closer to 1 year of employment, and watch my bank account grow slowly 2. Confront about payment now (aprox 6 months in) or perhaps 3. Some plan presented by a wise redditor.

There's likely more details you may want so ask away if interested. Your advice is much appreciated !

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