My fiancé and partner of 9 years has left me quite suddenly. He told me he was breaking up with me and packed some things, leaving.

We bought a Help to Buy property in 2018. I desperately want to keep it and wondered if there was any advice on how to go about this? I am willing to buy him out but wanted any legal advice I could. I feel lost and clueless.

I live in England. We are joint on the mortgage. I’ve perused the site and in my heartbroken state I can’t make full sense of it. I understand I could do a transfer of equity (change ownership) to me and remortgage the propriety…but with all the talk of the equity and legal processes, I need it in nice Reddit-friendly form that I can digest. My head is spinning.

I put in the majority of the Help to Buy 5% deposit, which is £10,800 – I put in £9,400 and I have a written and signed deposit declaration from him that he has no entitlement to this.

Another house on the estate (which is still being built, potentially for a few more years) has been on the market for one and a half years if not more. Apparently it’s only had one viewing. It seems people don’t want to buy a house on the estate when there are cheaper off-plan houses available with the freedom to customise the kitchen, bathrooms, etc to your own preferences.

I don’t want to put it on the market yet as I think it would struggle to sell right now and I don’t want to sell it for less as we’ve added value to the house (polished tile flooring, bathroom and kitchen upgrades, marble worktops, garden landscaped, etc). To me, selling it seems counterintuitive and pointless if it’s going to be sat on the market for a long time.

Plus, I love my house. It’s been my sanctuary and home, even through the hell and hurt of him leaving me.

Any advice is appreciated.

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