So I have my retirement and everything in place with other companies my rrsp's are returning 4% and I went with a mutual fund anyways which is returning 6% (so far) I'm only 23 so we'll see how it ends up when I'm 65 but when I was 22 I met guy and he worked for Primerica and he gave me a little presentation and I have to say if my dad didn't teach me about finances (he set everything up) it sounds really good but I'm thinking this shits too good ye'know? He telling me about their mutual funds which has returned a minimum of 9% historically and showed me some paper about making 19% for their what investors? so Primerica is a broker and hires real people to manage the mutual fund and they took 1.64% of the profit then the Primerica agent gets his commission and I'd get whatever's left is how it works. I skipped his life insurance didn't need it and if again my dad didn't teach me, some very good techniques to get out of debt quicker. So I thought for fun I'd start with their mutual fun and threw in 300 bucks and worst case is lose 300 bucks in a year. Well I kept throwing away their statements and it was a year today so I went in to the office and looked it over and my 300 grew to 327 which is 9% it was a little more but after paying my fees… are they actually scummy can they actually get me 9%?

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