SBI IRCTC Credit Cards Rating

Travel Benefits                  ★★★★
Rewards                             ★★★
Annual Fee                         ★★★
Fuel Benefits                      ★★
Railway Lounge Benefits  
Overall Rating                   ★★★

Indian Railways still is one of the most preferred modes of travel in India. High airfares and low connectivity to Tier II and Tier III cities have made railways the best choice for long distance travels. SBI, in association with IRCTC, provides IRCTC SBI Platinum credit card which is an entry-level credit card that provides loyalty points on train ticket booking. SBI has recently launched its premium variant IRCTC SBI Card Premier that has better privileges for cardholders. Let us have a look at how these cards fare in our review.

Key Highlights of IRCTC SBI Credit Card

  • Welcome benefits of Rs. 350 on SBI IRCTC Platinum and Rs. 1,500 on SBI IRCTC Premier credit cards
  • Value Back Benefits of 10% on AC1, AC2, AC3 and AC CC on booking tickets through IRCTC
  • 1.8% transaction charges waiver on booking railway and flight ticket at the IRCTC portal
  • 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver
  • Railway lounge access and complimentary insurance cover on SBI IRCTC Premier credit card

Welcome Benefits on SBI IRCTC Credit Cards

SBI IRCTC credit card comes with decent welcome benefits. If you get the Platinum version, you can get 350 activation bonus points on spending Rs. 500 or more within 45 days of card issuance.

For the Premier variant, you get 1,500 bonus points after paying the annual fee. If your spend reach Rs. 2,000 or more within 60 days of card issuance, you will also get a movie voucher worth Rs. 500 from BookMyShow.

Value Back Benefits on SBI IRCTC Credit Cards

SBI provides a decent value back benefits on booking tickets through IRCTC on the Platinum credit card. You will get 10% value back as rewards on booking AC1, AC2, AC3 and AC CC tickets. On all other purchases except fuel, you will get 1 reward points on every Rs. 125.

The value back is very good with the Premier variant in which you will get additional 5% back on flight ticket booking and e-catering purchases. In addition to that, you will earn 3 reward points for every Rs. 125 spent on dining and standing instructions.

You can benefit from value back points on the Premier variant if your spending is more than Rs. 50,000 every year. If your spending is less than Rs. 50,000, you can use the Platinum variant as it has an annual fee of Rs. 350 whereas the Premier version has the annual fee of Rs. 1,499.

IRCTC Travel Offers on these Cards

IRCTC does not levy transaction charges of 1.8% on railway ticket bookings when the transaction is carried out using IRCTC SBI credit cards. In case of IRCTC SBI Premier credit card, the fee is not levied even on flight ticket booking done through IRCTC.

It is worth noticing that you have to pay the transaction charges on transactions carried out through any other method.

You also get discounted travel packages tailor-made for pilgrimage, wildlife, adventure or leisure at IRCTC.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver on IRCTC SBI Credit Cards

You will get a fuel surcharge waiver of 1% with IRCTC SBI credit cards. However, the spends should be in the range of Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 for Platinum cardholders and Rs. 500 – Rs. 4,000 for Premier card holders. The maximum waiver on fuel can amount to Rs. 100 for Platinum and Rs. 250 for the Premier card.

Additional Benefits on IRCTC SBI Card Premier

If you get the IRCTC SBI Premier credit card, you become eligible for the following additional benefits:

  • 8 Railway Lounge access per year capped at a maximum of 2 per quarter
  • Complimentary rail accident insurance worth Rs. 10 Lakh, air accident cover worth Rs. 50 Lakh and fraud liability cover worth Rs. 1 Lakh
  • If you spend Rs. 50,000 or more on travel, you get 2,500 reward points where 1 RP= Rupee 1
  • If you spend Rs. 1 Lakh on travel in a calendar year, you will get 5,000 reward points
  • Your annual fee of Rs. 1,499 + GST will be waived off on spending Rs. 2 lakh or more

These benefits make SBI IRCTC Premier credit card a very lucrative card if you travel in trains and book train tickets too often.

Limitations of IRCTC SBI Credit Cards

As it is quite evident that IRCTC SBI cards are meant only for travel benefits, you get very limited benefits on others. Let us have a look at some of the limitations of these cards:

Who should get this card?

SBI IRCTC cards are meant for you only if you travel a lot through trains. If you can spend Rs. 50,000 or more in a calendar year on train tickets, you can opt for IRCTC SBI Platinum credit card.

If you can spend Rs. 2 Lakh or more in a calendar year on train and flight tickets booked through IRCTC portal, you should apply for it. Your annual fee will be waived off and you can earn rewards of more than Rs. 9,500.

Bottom Line

All in all, SBI IRCTC credit cards are specialised credit cards for train ticket booking. Two variants of these cards ensure you can opt for the best card as per your spending on IRCTC every year. You should, however, opt for other cards if you want some benefits from every category like shopping, rewards, dining, travel, etc.

Please feel free to share your views on the two variants of SBI IRCTC credit cards in the comments section below.

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