I am 20 years old and fortunately I feel confident in my current choices to estimate that I will be married and start a family in several years if everything goes to plan. I have a romantic partner who I am serious about even at this age. He expresses similar wants as me when it comes to beginning a family and furthering our relationship. I am planning on continuing to stay working for the company I currently work for so that I can advance in it and hopefully ensure more hours and a higher pay rate. However, if I cannot or deem that I should not stay with this company, I want to have enough money saved to where I can switch to either light schooling/training (several months to 2 years max) to receive a certification or to begin a new job and move up in that. I am moving back closer to where my boyfriend’s family lives so we can guarantee more closeness with them, as well as financial help at times, support (they could possibly babysit our future children) etc. I have over 1k saved up currently in a joint savings with my boyfriend but we plan on saving more than we usually get to since we won’t be paying rent or utilities soon for a few months because we are moving back to his home until we have a new place to stay. What should I do to help my future self and family? (Side note: what can I put my money into besides savings? I am interested in investing in something that can garner extra income in the long run but I have no idea where to go beyond this idea.)

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