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12.17pm GMT

Last night Jake Berry announced that he was leaving the government. He had been the Northern Powerhouse minister, but Boris Johnson wanted him to move to the Foreign Office and Berry refused because he said the foreign travel meant he would not see enough of his three young children.

It has been the greatest privilege of my life to fight for the North in Westminster. For the last two and a half years I have helped move the #NorthernPowerhouse from concept to Cabinet table (1/4)

I firmly believe that the Northern Powerhouse was the foundation stone of the blue wall that delivered a Conservative majority Government (2/4)

I chose to leave Government after being offered another role that would have required substantial amounts of foreign travel.

I have 3 children under 3 – the youngest of whom is less than a week old. Family will always come first and I felt unable to accept the offer (3/4)

I will continue to support the Government and the Prime Minster from the back benches and will keep actively campaigning for my constituents in Rossendale and Darwen (4/4)

I am absolutely delighted @BorisJohnson has now asked me to serve as Minister of State @mhclg, tasked with delivering the Government’s #levellingup agenda. The #NorthernPowerhouse is my home. Its battles are those I know so well through my role as a proud Teessider (1/)

My focus will be on working with communities across the country to support our great Mayors and help create new devolution settlements for areas that don’t yet have them. We have a huge task ahead to deliver an era of urban regeneration and strong regional growth (2/)

Levelling up is a central task of this Government, and I am massively grateful to my predecessor @JakeBerry for all his hard work in this brief. Jake believes in this agenda passionately and has given it huge momentum and leadership (3/)

So a big adventure lies ahead. I really look forward to working under my great friend @RobertJenrick to help unlock the potential of all parts of our wonderful country. The hard work starts today (4/4).

12.06pm GMT

Rather than going to the pub (see 11.51am), Julian Smith, the former Northern Ireland secretary, has been visiting a school in his Skipton and Ripon constituency. It turned out the pupils hadn’t been keeping up with the news.

Constituency school visits almost always hit the nail on the head. Today no exception:
Child – ‘do you know Boris Johnson?’ Me- ‘yes’ Child – ‘wow. when did you last meet him’ Me – ‘er, yesterday’ Child ‘really! How was it?’ Me ‘er, er, er…great, it was just great’.

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