So, to start I'll provide a little context to my current role in work, given it's not something that requires easy efforts blah blah blah – I work for Amazon, I do Amazon stuff (Production Planning), and it requires a lot of data analyzing and trend identifying. Recently, I've started putting all extra money (maybe starting to grow up at 24 finally, who knows) into not-so-stupid shit and started allocating downtime to learning more about stocks.

I've been on Robinhood for about 6 months, started out suuuuper nooby. Didn't research a thing, just tried to "go with the flow" so to speak. Well, I didn't lose anything, but I also only put in like 380 dollars. I traded this way from October 5th 2019, to February 5th, 2020 where I closed at 412$.

And so I found options.

Well, February 6th I bought a put on BBY to dibble dabble with options. I closed that day at 452$ (9% gain in 1 day versus the measly 6.4% over 5 months). I was pretty much hooked day 1, admittedly. Since then, I've bought at least 1 contract each day and have dedicated a significant portion of my mornings studying the pre-market activities. I closed at 749$today. So that's 81.7% gain in the past 8 trading days. So far (And I know with time as a factor the inevitable will occur) I have been green every day. Probably just shit on my own luck there but whatever, I have the faith in some of y'all to tell me otherwise fingers crossed.

I do my research avidly, if not aggressively, and I am really enjoying the idea of this kind of positive return, because it actually makes me happy (Saving toward goal of 20k down on a Tesla). I fortunately am granted RSU's through work, so each 6 months I get a nice chunk of change to play with, so the next vest I will likely allot a decent portion toward my portfolio to start throwing more money towards the options game.

I'd really like to learn more about the strategies some people use, if there are groups out there that strategize together, or even just places for quick reads on becoming more fluent with the nature of the market.

Appreciate anyone taking time to read, cheers.

Here's a picture of current portfolio in after hours today:

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