I posted in another sub and was recommended to maybe bring my story here. I do hope I am not breaking any rules.

So, a little while ago, after being a long time loyal customer to Skipthedishes, I had a falling out with them. The reason isn't overly important in this story.

I vowed to stop using them altogether however, and got curious today to see what my spending had looked like during the time I used the app and the numbers were pretty shocking.

I first used the app on January 20, 2018. At first I thought it was great, very convenient, they were always quick with the order, and they had lots of options. It started as maybe once or twice a week, but quickly got out of hand. It didn't seem much at first to spend 30 dollars or so on a decent meal delivered to my door, with no additional chores to do afterwards, but it quickly got out of hand.

I ordered through the app 28 times in April of 2018, 4 days had more than one order. I knew it was getting bad, but viewing the cost a single order at a time, I didn't really see the big picture.

There were plenty of times where I would tell myself to slow down on it, and I would, but the simplicity would always get me, and once I ordered one day, it became harder and harder to not do it again the next day.

This carried on until September 3rd, 2019, when I had finally had the last straw with the app, and I swore to never use it again. Honestly it was a blessing.

Today, I finally had the time (and the courage) to go through my entire order history and add up all the orders.

In the 18 months I had used the app, I had racked up a $8901.64 bill. Thats the total. THATS how much I spent on takeout food through skip the dishes, in a year and a half.

That is on average, 117 dollars a week. That could be my grocery bill.

This isn't even accounting for the additional eating out that I know I did during that time, such as McDonald's nearly every morning, the occasional lunch out somewhere at work, and other dinners out or ordered elsewhere outside the app.

At a conservative estimate, I could easily say my total fast food expenses for those 18 months probably surpasses $15k

Luckily, things are better now. Me and my girlfriend eat out once a week at most. I can't imagine what I would do right now with that $15,000 if I had it. I wish I had paid more attention to how I was spending my money, and looked more towards my future.

TL;DR – Beware of delivery apps such as DOORDASH and SkipTheDishes. They are far too convenient, and that shit adds up in a hurry. Save your money, go to the grocery store and do your own damn dishes.

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