<Why I bought Samsung Electronics stock as a newbie investor.>

I bought my first stock a few days ago, and it was Samsung Electronics. I didn't buy it only because I'm South Korean. For my first stock, I wanted to buy a healthy South Korean stock. And Samsung was the first one that popped up in my mind for a few reasons.

First of all, I assume that most people know about Samsung. At least, they have seen its products. Research says the company's sales of smartphones and TV accounted for more than 20% and 30%, respectively, in the global market in Q3 2019. More specifically, it sells the most smartphones and TVs than any other company. That alone is worth investing in.

Furthermore, Samsung is more than just a giant conglomerate. It is the backbone of the South Korean economy, which is the 4th biggest in Asia. For example, the company's 2017 revenue of $224.2 billion accounted for 14.6% of the country's GDP. Even the "Republic of Samsung" is a nickname of the country. So, I just can't think of any other Korean company more stable than Samsung.

Lastly, I'm just a fan of Samsung products. Maybe it's just because I don't get how Apple products work, but I've always just used Samsung. So, deep down, I just wish more people would use it. That would make me look cooler.

So, for these reasons, I chose Samsung Electronics as my first "safe," "healthy" stock. And I think the company will easily meet my expectations for a long time.


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