Ireland and Netherlands report first cases as US officials monitor thousands getting off domestic flights for symptoms. Follow live news

2.03am GMT

The chief health officer, Brendan Murphy, says part of Australia’s planning is setting up dedicated primary care clinics to try to get people who get infection to isolate at home and delay the spread.

He said it’s significant that children seem to be less affected by this virus on the evidence so far.

One of the surprising features about this is how few children seem to have been identified as infected. That is very unusual compared to, say, influenza. We don’t know whether children are getting the disease but also mild they are not being picked up as being sick or they are somehow less susceptible. That will be an important thing to find out. Whatever the reason, the fact that we’re not seeing lots of children getting sick in China other parts of the world is a great thing.

1.58am GMT

Hunt was also asked about the Olympics in Japan later this year: “The question of the Olympics will be determined in some months. Japan and the IOC will be making global decisions and Australia will be a part of those discussions,” he says.

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