So today my boss told me my full time position at the retail store I work at is being eliminated, as our store volume has changed. I have about a month before this is official and I will then only be able to work as a part time employee. I am wondering if anyone can help me understand what my options are as far as health insurance and if I would possibly qualify for partial unemployment.

I officially started full time in September of 2019 but I was working 32-38 a week hour leading up to that from April to September but was considered a “part time” employee.

I was on Medicaid before I started the full time position. She did mention that I could sign up for cobra. I’m not sure if I can apply for Medicaid again or if I have to do cobra. I also wasn’t sure if I will qualify for partial unemployment. I am going back to school in September full time so I don’t intend to look for another full time job. I am currently taking one online class. I also have the option of staying at my current store or transferring to a store closer to my home and be part time there (the only reason I’m at the farther store was so I could have the full time position). I’m not sure if any of this is relevant as far as unemployment goes but I figured I would include it.

I would appreciate any info anyone may have. As the title says, I am in Michigan.

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