I’m dealing with things I’d rather not bring up again, if anyone cares to know my circumstances, I described my situation in my only other post on reddit.

I want to escape my reality as soon as I get that chance. So most likely the day I turn 18. Which is only 2 years from now. Meaning I have to act on it now.

My main goal is to become independent financially and pay for my future education.

I’m not from US, but so far I have an equivalent of about 450$. I know it’s very little, but I guess it’s a start. Problem is, it’s all on sub account which belongs to my dad. Luckily I can withdraw money from an ATM.

Call me paranoid, but I worry a crisis may strike my country in the near future, and if that happens, all the money I saved will become worthless.

So what should I do with my money? I thought about buying some old art piece since as far as I’m aware they don’t loose their worth with time. But I’ve been told on reddit already it’s a bad idea (the same person directed me to go here). Is there a better way to safely store money in a way it doesnt loose much worth in time of crisis? How can I save even more money? Is there an opportunity I overlooked?

I’ll admit I don’t know much about finances, but I’m trying to catch up.

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