I’m going to skip past explaining what an Oil Contango is. Also if you haven’t noticed, we’re in an oil crash on top of all this covid-19 volatility.

Regardless, OPEC and Russia are claiming they have come to a deal to cut production, it’s not true. The saudi’s can still maintain profit while prices are near $20 a barrel. Low prices is bad for the U.S. oil game. Russia and Saudi Arabia are in a good position financially when U.S. oil is not doing well.

Anyways this is where this play comes in.

$NAT is an oil shipping tanker company. They store oil on large ships and charge lots of money to store oil. They are currently charging 5x what they used to 6 months ago due to the over supply of oil and demand for storage for said oil.

Their CFO recently bought 60,000 shares for $4.725 on 3/30


Another interesting thing to note is their dividend history

See the steep rise in 2014? That was last time barrel prices were dropping like they are now.

Low oil prices = good for oil storage tankers

When they increase their dividends — expect for institutional investors to hop in to secure nice dividends on a cheap stock. That’s going to be a huge jump in volume and it will send the price sky rocketing. Meanwhile, you’ve been holding the whole time😉

This is going to moon, hop in Monday.

As of now, it’s trading for $4.06 I expect a movement to at least $6 maybe even $8 a share.

Also, $STNG is another lucrative play but it’s not a penny stock…

Good luck guys🤘🏻

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